Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dung Dung or Dum Dum

As it goes in every household when little ones start to grow, potty training is inevitable! Well, for the McDowells potty training numero uno was actually pretty simple. By the time Lily was two she was pretty much trained where 1 is concerned; however, numero dos was a different story all together. Let me add here that she never could wear pull ups because it was not different than having a diaper, she would use it with that added on...the 2 wasn't much fun when it happened! Great big messes, dirty clothes, and a lot of wipes! Fun times!

*At Halloween this year, Lily had her first sucker and it was a Dum Dum! About a week later, she started saying something that I couldn't understand what she was referring to and she was saying, "Dung Dung!" I just sort of brushed it off and then it dawned on me that she was asking for a sucker, a Dum Dum! *

In an effort to try and conquer number 2, Chris and I decided that a reward was the only thing that would work...namely a dum dum! However, she still refers to them as "Dung Dungs." One day last week I finally caught her in the act and put her on the potty and SHE DID IT!!!! To amazement as soon as it plopped the first thing she said was, "DUNG DUNG MOMMY DUNG DUNG." Well, yes sweetie that is dung dung!

So everywhere we go she tells people that she poo pooed on the potty and she got a dung dung! Then picture me explaining to everyone what she is talking about! Oh so cute...and a little embarrassing...but I'll get over it! :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Go OU!

Well this is what I have learned about rivalries in my 34 years...there is always a team that your biggest rival loathes more than you loath them. Did you catch that? Let me explain...A&M athletics revolves much of our 'steam' (what there is left) in the direction of 'texas' and honestly I think 'texas' could care less about A&M, especially these last few years! However, Texas feels about OU the way the Aggies feel about them! So for an Aggie who doesn't see much winning these days it gives me so much pleasure to cheer for OU inspite of the Longhorns!

So go OU...Beat the HELL outta Florida!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maybe This Time...

Well here I am again! Hopefully it won't be another 9 months before my next blog! Between a family, a new house, and facebook, I have just not ever found time to blog. But all good things are worth the wait. So with that said...I waited 6 weeks before I started working out again, from the week before Thanksgiving until this week and I must say the loss of sleep is kicking my tail. It does feel good however to workout at 5 AM and not have to worry about it the rest of the day...wait who am I kidding! I was miserable this morning and so wanted to stay in bed! And I may not be worrying about it because it is done, but I have no energy to do anything else. Hince the reason this blog will be short lived, because Lily and I must go try to take a nap! Oh great I hear the garbage should see the pile of trash out in front of our house...3 weeks, a houseful of guest, and Santa Claus worth of trash...I just hope they take it all. Tomorrow I'm going to try and post some pics of my new baby niece and let you know what the garbage men didn't get! :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Curious George and Other Stuff

Well, I'm finally giving in and creating a blog. I've wanted to do this for a long time and have not taken the time. So we'll see how well it goes. This may be the only one I ever write, but hopefully for Lily's sake I'll have more than one story to share with her one of these days. I'm not sure if Chris will write, but hopefully on occasion he will.

Several weeks ago the all famous Texas Elite Softball team took the field again. They had been on a short hiatus since the birth of a few new babies! There are good things and bad things about this softball season. The good first...the boys love to play...they would enjoy it more if they had more than four consistent players, but none-the-less they do love boy things. Another good is that it's a great time with family, since 3 of the 4 consistent ones are in-laws. I love the girl adult time and Lily loves her cousins! Okay now for the bad! There is nothing like a nice long 40 minute drive with a 21 month old in the early evening going to the game, except a 40 minute drive with a 21 month old in the early night coming home from the game! Yes, that's right we have to drive to Longview from Tyler to play an hour long game.! Chris hates the drive even with the adrenaline he has pumpin' before the big game! (kid kid) There are other I love hearing that Chris hit a homerun, since I never actually see them...there happens to be a little one that runs everywhere and I chase! I'm sure I look like a real comedy routine!

Okay so the other night we were driving home from the game, it was around oh I don't know LATE! Lily wasn't asleep yet, so she and I were watching the road while Chris slept, when all of a sudden out of no where there was a giant full grown tree lying across the right lane of the interstate. I kid you not! I screamed, "TREE CHRIS!" as he turned his head around just in time to swerve and run over the very tip top leaves of the tree. A split second less and I'm not sure exactly what would have happened. Thank God we don't have to find out. All those NeNe and MeMe prayers were answered on Monday because that was a close one.

Come back for more. Hopefully they'll get better, but not more frightening than that!